Focused on identifying & implementing curated content for our targeted social media channels.

In efforts to rebrand, our main goals on the social media team at Sky Society Co. were to:

  1. Create engaging content for our target audience
  2. Stay consistent/relevant on specific social media channels

With a loyal following already, I worked closely with the founder to shift our brand voice across all of our various social media channels. This meant studying our current analytics in order to make data driven decisions for what our rebrand would look like – who was our new target audience & what content did we want to push out accordingly.

All content that I created directly for our channels was designed through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

We created weekly content calendars as well as specific Excel spread sheets for Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube in order to organize all of our ideas/campaigns and maintain a cohesive voice.

Vision Boards

“Manifesting in 2021: put out into the world what you want to receive back.”

A creative way for me to express myself while also staying on brand with Sky Society’s brand identity.


Was responsible for editing clips from our podcast recording into short form video content, focusing on one specific topic discussed.

This provides viewers a glimpse into the episode without giving away too much – pushing them to listen to the whole episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Developed relationships with our guests and retained that connection by sending monthly postcards.

At Sky Society Co. our brand focuses on following your dreams and achieving your goals. We believe that repeating affirmations and making them a part of your daily routine can directly correlate to positive changes made in your life.

I was in charge of designing the graphic and creating the copy for April’s postcard, all done through Photoshop. Also accompanying the affirmation I chose for this month, I created a custom playlist that could be enjoyed throughout the day to either feel at ease or spark inspiration – specifically when one would be journaling. This stemmed from my love of my music and wanting to share that with our guests as well.

The idea of sending monthly postcards to our guests revolved around instilling our ideals in others while also continuing to build on our everlasting relationship. Who doesn’t love a small token of appreciation once a month?


In the process of reaching out to influencers to increase brand awareness.

Worked on developing a career affirmation journal – a notebook where you would jot down goals and affirmations that you would repeat everyday for 90 days.

Creating goals and affirmations surrounding your career are the first step in securing that dream job. By physically writing and repeating out loud, we are creating healthy habits for ourself one day at a time.

Without a large budget we focused on finding micro-influencers who’s interests aligned similarly with our goals. Someone who has a drive for helping those in need of career advice, is passionate about manifestation, and/or an advocate for mental health.

For a free journal we are asking them for a post/story on Instagram. All proceeds from the journal are going to the SeekHer Foundation which advocates for women’s mental health.