Securing partnerships & organizing a Charity Run from the ground up.

Omar’s Dream Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to enable hospitalized and medically-supervised children to remotely attend school, allowing them to stay connected to their teachers and classmates. 

My role as the marketing lead was to figure out a way to raise money in order to sustain the organization for the next year to come. I quickly realized the most effective way to gather funds and get people involved is hosting a run.

In our first year, my main role was to reach out to sponsors and secure partnerships so that no money would come directly from our pockets. In our first year we had 5 sponsors and 150 runners. Today we have 30+ sponsors, partnering with 5 hospitals who we deliver IPad’s to across the US, and 600+ runners at our annual run. This was all accomplished through marketing campaigns I spearheaded. Now the organization can sustain itself and continues to grow every year.