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In this blog post for Global Beauty the main focus was to take the audio from an interview with an expert that had been posted to their site and highlight the key talking points.

We wanted to keep it concise but also informational, making it easy for the reader to skim and still get the main takeaways.

As someone who has a passion for all things beauty and skincare this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about what private label skincare actually entails!


by Hira Hassan

Learn more about what it takes to build a brand that keeps clients coming back! Leigh Ann Olufs, President of Aesthetic Practice Consulting, provides her insight on the do’s and don’ts of private label skincare, in this in-depth interview with our brand educator Nicole Simpson. 

Listen to the full interview here:

Private Label Talk | Global Beauty Site

There has been a lot of recent competition in the medical aesthetic industry which adversely has allowed for an immense amount of growth as well. The term itself now ecompasses dermatology, plastic surgery, skincare, etc., but the key to growing your business is having a successful brand that continues to grow with the curve. Branding is about the impact you have on the client’s experience when shopping in-person and/or online at your store. 

  • Consistency is key – all platforms used to sell your product should be cohesive and have a streamlined story.
  • You want to make sure your brand stays in their mind, this is your business identity to the world. 
  • There are 8 touchpoints that a client goes through to end up actually buying something from your line – your brand identity will ensure they make a purchase.

When a client can make a connection with the product, meaning they have had the time to touch, feel, and try it, they have now developed a relationship with it and are more likely to purchase that item. This is crucial when you have a patient in the chair. The Esthetician should actually put the creams on them and explain how the products work. This way you are teaching them and building up their trust not only with you but the product as well – therefore they are more likely to buy that product. 

“You can’t sell it if you don’t use it.” 

To ensure that you are securing a relationship with your client you need to invest in your staff. 

  • Give your employees products to use so they are educated about what you are selling and how to use it correctly.
  • Your staff is a walking advertisement, if they are using your products they will be able to tell other people about it. 
  • You want your staff to create that connection with their customers so they can ensure the products they are giving them will actually work on their skin type. 

Private label skincare has allowed both the consumer and seller to have a more intimate buying experience. You want someone who is an expert in all aspects of the products that are going on your skin – this is exactly what private label industries strive to achieve. We are not only selling the product but we are also selling ourselves.

In order to promote this blog post we were asked to draft an email to the regular consumers of Global Beauty as well as potential buyers.

This allowed me to tap into the world of the consumer and figure out the most effective way to send out an email that would get clicks/opens.

I soon realized myself – subject title matters and less is more. Hitting key talking points while still keeping the customer guessing is exactly what makes an email effective.