Dash Coffee & Bakery

Organized events & led all social media channels yielding an increase in profits.

At Dash Coffee & Bakery the ultimate goal was to increase awareness which would lead to an increase in revenue. As the social media manager I was able to play up the fact that this was a local family owned small business that took pride in providing the best quality coffee & snacks.

My main goal was to increase their social media following and create marketing campaigns that would entice our target audience. To increase the shop’s social media presence I paid close attention to analytics such as figuring out when the best time to post was, what type of content we should be posting, what are the most successful hashtags, what are our competitors doing, etc. After coming to an understanding I was able to implement a more effective strategy in publishing content.

The main marketing campaign I implemented was our bi-weekly chai bar. Targeting a younger crowd this event would be held in the evening, serving primarily chai, and marketed as a game night. Word spread quickly and the shop would be packed every other Friday night. This in turn created a lot of buzz for the cafe and increased their sales tremendously.

In an effort to rebrand all their social sites I designed a new logo, scheduled a photoshoot to be able to post more consistently, directed a promotional video, and increased engagement by creating more thought provoking captions.