Studied current Instagram analytics in order to revamp our account and increase overall engagement.

Working on the Social Media team at Content & Cocktails our main goals were to:

  1. Double our followers within 2 months
  2. Increase engagement through likes, comments, shares, and saves

We performed an audit in order to determine what was working for our Instagram page and what wasn’t. First identifying our target audience, we could better comprehend who we wanted to engage with our content and what that specific content would look like. We then went in and made suggestions on what were the best times to post stories, regular posts, and included the most beneficial hashtags to use for our brand.

By creating a content calendar we were able to identify 4 key pillars our page would follow which would then make it look more cohesive and allow us to post more consistently.

Within 2 weeks our follower count has increased by 25% and engagement has increased by 493.9%, due to our marketing campaigns as well as engaging content and captions.


Launched a paid ad campaign that had a $0.66 CPC rate.

At Content & Cocktails we are always looking to increase brand awareness and grow our platforms in order to educate as many women as possible. 

We set out to launch an ad that informs our target audience what our podcast consists of and ultimately get as many clicks on our website as possible in the span of 5 days with a limited budget. 

My role was to do research on all of the analytics that went behind the ad campaign. Who is our target audience, what are the interests of our usual audience and who could we possible reach. Also come up with the concept behind the ad – what will entice our followers. 

Over the course of 5 days we were able to reach 3,832 people living in 8 major cities and get 76 website clicks.


Reached out to influencers to grow our social media platforms organically.

Working as an intern at Content & Cocktails we were getting ready to launch our original podpad – a notebook to jot down your notes while listening to your favorite podcasts. We wanted to increase brand awareness but did not have a huge budget to push this on social media.

We looked to influencers to help grow our presence on social media by sending them each a podpad in exchange for a post on social media. A key point – all proceeds are going to The Love Land Foundation to increase access to therapy for black women and girls. 

My role was to draft an email copy making sure they were specific to each influencer, reach out to all influencers and structure our ask of them. 

We were able to get influencers to post pictures with our podpad and get content for our personal website as well.

Designed fan merch to entice listeners and increase brand awareness.

As our following grew, we launched a Shopify page for all of our listeners to get their hands on exclusive merchandise.

With a passion for graphic design I was in charge of creating all of the images that would be displayed on some of our items. I drew all of the images for the crewneck, coaster, and face mask on the app Procreate.