Dissecting Drunk Elephant’s brand identity while using SEO & Copywriting skills.

In this case study I evaluated Drunk Elephant’s extremely successful brand strategy. Diving deep into what has been the most effective tactic in attracting the public while standing at a higher price point compared to equal competitors.

As someone who exclusively buys Drunk Elephant skincare I turned to the psychology behind why myself and other consumers gravitate towards their products versus others. 


by Hira Hassan

2020 has been a tough year for EVERYONE but has also allowed some to hit a reset button on themselves both mentally and physically. Which is exactly what Tiffany Masterson, founder of Drunk Elephant, has accomplished in the skincare industry with her promise of a total “skin reset”. 

In 2015, Masterson secured a partnership with Sephora and became the fastest growing skincare brand in Sephora history, all with no influencer endorsements at the time. Let’s dive deeper into how Drunk Elephant secured a loyal fanbase, from their mission statement all the way down to their packaging. 


After countless efforts to clear her skin she soon realized that essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrances/dyes, and SLS – now coined “The Suspicious 6” were the bane of her existence and at the time there wasn’t a brand that existed that didn’t include these 6 ingredients. Masterson gets to the drawing board and creates what we know today as Drunk Elephant. 

This realization revolutionized skincare as we know it. Women of all skin types were able to free their skin of all harmful ingredients and return it back to its healthy and balanced state allowing a full “skin reset”. 

“A routine is only as good as its worst product, and a product only as good as its worst ingredient.”

No two people have the exact same skin, therefore making it ten times more difficult to find what’s right for you. Masterson completely wiped out all of our worries and brought us a brand that made us feel and look so good that we don’t even need makeup!


In the age of Marie Kondo, millennials are all about minimalism and that’s exactly what Drunk Elephant gave them. Sleek and colorful packaging paired with a minimalistic logo that catches the eye of the average consumer. 

There is no doubt that Drunk Elephant has stolen my heart with a product so simple while also being amazing for your skin – case and point the Protini Polypeptide Cream! By just gently pushing down, the perfect amount of moisturizer is dispensed and ready to be applied onto your skin. 

Simply a piece of cake!

Not only is the packaging user friendly it is also sanitary by only allowing a certain amount of product to be scooped up, ensuring a mess-free zone. At the current price of $68.00 for 50 mL, Drunk Elephant has ensured that paying a premium price for their moisturizer guarantees you top-notch quality. 

Consistency is key. Glancing over Drunk Elephant’s website and Instagram page, it’s bursting at the seams with vibrant colors and bold text. Having such bright packing almost translates into how your skin will be looking after using this brand just for a short time.

 It’s hard to stop yourself from scrolling through all of the captivating pictures and testimonials that educate us on what a product is and how it has been beneficial. 

A website so aesthetically pleasing, while focusing on ensuring their clients get the best product, is exactly why Drunk Elephant has been so successful.

Do you know anything about your skin’s pH? Drunk Elephant will ensure you leave their site knowing the ins and outs of why your skin reacts the way it does to certain ingredients – and boy let me tell you that’s just the beginning. 


Representation of all types of people matters more now than ever before. The idea behind an everyday person standing on the forefront of a brand allows the consumer, who also is an everyday person, to fully resonate with the products being advertised. A diverse subset of people as canvases for a company allows consumers to identify whether the company’s product would be the right fit for their needs. 

Furthermore, testimonials from people that we share characteristics with helps to provide us with a sense of trust and reliability that simply no other form of advertisement could ever entice. Simply put, we want to see if a product works for us, not for a supermodel! 

All in all, Drunk Elephant has stayed true to their mission of ensuring we feed our bodies with the healthiest ingredients. From start to finish they have captivated us with their colorful yet minimalistic packaging and have made themselves relatable by targeting ALL skin types. They have shown us that without their products our skincare routine would be incomplete. Simply put, Drunk Elephant is worth every penny.